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What is medical massage?

Medical massage is outcome-based massage that is prescribed by physician.


A patient with a diagnosed medical condition obtains a prescription for medical massage from their physician or healthcare provider.  The prescription identifies the condition is acute or chronic, specifies the area of treatment, and establishes the number of sessions and duration of treatment. 


Initial courses of treatment are typically 12 sessions over a 6 week period of time and are either covered or reimbursed by health insurance companies.  Many auto insurance medical claims accept medical massage treatments provided by licensed massage therapists with a National Provider Identifier Number.

A medical massage therapist will complete a thorough assessment/evaluation and set specific outcomes or goals for the treatment over the alloted timeframe. The medical notes from each treatment session are subject to HIPPA compliance and may be used in legal proceedings.

Is medical massage the same as wellness massage? 


The massage techniques used are the same.  The difference is medical massage therapy is more geared toward fixing a specific problem, wellness massage typically helps clients relax and provides stress relief as its primary goal. 

It is important to note that medical and wellness massage are eligible for credit or reimbursement by many HSAs and employer health management programs. 

Your annual appointment history report from Motion Bodywork is HSA compliant for medical and wellness massage and meets the requirements for most employer programs.


Can I receive medical massage at Motion Bodywork?

Yes. If you are injured in an auto accident, your physician or attorney can provide the necessary prescription or documentation for treatment. Tiffany Crockett, LMT is a registered therapist with a NPI number and can submit medical notes to your car insurance company or attorney for payment under legal liability or a policy's medical coverage rider. 

As a self-pay client, you can receive treatment for diagnosed medical conditions with or without a prescription or referral from a physician or healthcare provider and there are no limits to course of treatment. Simply set up an account on Motion Bodywork's appointment scheduler and book your first appointment.

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