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Motion Bodywork is pleased to participate as an in-office therapist in the Massage for Veterans program offerred by Zeel, a provider in the VA Community Care Network. 


With medically prescribed massage therapy, you can experience relief from muscle and joint pain, stiffness and mobility limitations, and other conditions without drugs or side effect.   If the referral is approved, your treatment plan is covered in full by your VA benefits. 


If you feel that you can benefit from massage therapy to manage pain, injury, or other medical condition, please discuss this with your VA primary care provider or other VA doctor. To receive medical massage by an in-office therapist as a covered benefit, your doctor must initiate a referral and indicate "in-office preferred".

Once Zeel receives your referral from the VA, scheduling your first massage (which includes a one-time account creation, indication of date/time and other preferences, and address confirmation) takes approximately 10 minutes. Future appointments will be booked even faster!  Request Tiffany Crockett, LMT to be placed with Motion Bodywork as your in-office service provider.

Your first appointment may take place within 48 hours of your referral—or at any time that’s convenient for you, in accordance with your doctor’s instructions for how quickly treatment should begin. 

For more information about your VA massage benefits, contact Zeel by phone at 877-GET-ZEEL or via email at


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